May we present our litters so far

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(For now you can only look at our latest litters. We will complete this section with all our older litters as soon as possible.)


Our 16th Podengo litter, the S-litter, was born on February 12 2020. There are two females, Krullets Sigrid and Siri. The father is Cabu da Praia Azul "Nisse" and the mother is Sueca do Vale do Cutileiro "Svea".


Our 15th Podengo litter, the R-litter, was born on October 2 2019. There is one male, Krullets Razmuz and one female Krullets Rut. The mother is Alfazema de Viamonte "Zelma" and the father is SE UCH Krullets Kalle "Kenzo"


Our 14th Podengo litter, the Q-litter, was born on March 27 2019, only one female was born Krullets Qiwi. Mother is Krullets Liv and father is SE UCH Krullets Kalle "Kenzo"


Our 13th Podengo litter, the P-litter was born on May 28 2018. one female and four males were born. Father is Cabu da Praia Azul “Nisse”, mother is Pinha de Viamonte “Vera”.


Our twelfth Podengo litter, the O-litter was born on May 20 2018. There were two puppies but only one male survived during a C-section. Father is Cabu da Praia Azul “Nisse”, mother is Krullets Klara.


Our 11th Podengo litter, N-litter was born on December 20 2016, one male  and one female were born with a C-section. The father is Tizzel Ebbe Easter Cauldron "Billy", the mother is Leiria de Viamonte.


Our 10th Podengo litter, the M-litter, was born on March 12 2016. Four nice female puppies were born, Krullets Merit, Mimmi, Moa and My. The mother is Pinha de Viamonte and the father is Querubim de Viamonte "Oscar".


Our 9th Podengo litter, the L-litter, was born on March 10 2016. One female, Krullets Liv and two males, Krullets Ludvig and Lukas were born. The father is Nobel de Viamonte "Nobbe", the mother is Krullets Julia.


Our 8th Podengo litter, the K-litter, was born on August 8 2014. One female, Krullets Klara and three males, Krullets Kalle, Knut and Konrad were born. The mother is Pinha de Viamonte "Vera", the father is Haxixe de Viamonte "Bosse".